immersive fashion experience


The role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary and utopian realities, but to actually become ways of living and models of action within the existing real.
— Nicolas Bouriaud


Que sal mah offers custom dresses and immersive fashion experiences to women, at our serene atelier in Williamsburg or at our client's home*. The dresses are personally and individually crafted using a secret knot-dressmaking method, developed by artist Lital Dotan over the course of a decade as part of her performance-art practice. Each season, Dotan creates 7 new dresses, that become the current "Seven Days" collection. She then translates these dresses to a choreography, taught to our talented dressmakers. Each design is fully customizable depending on the client and needs.

This unique practice allows us to bring our client to the forefront and redefine fashion's accessibility.

The dresses are designed to be both structured and liberating, addressing the versatile layered needs of women today. The rest happens when our dressmaker and client meets. There is no one dress alike. The result is a union of contemporary minimalism and traditional quality. Que sal mah speaks to a personal identity that extends beyond style to a way of living in the world- consciously, elegantly and creatively. 

* At-home service is currently available at select areas in NY, clients who live outside our service area are invited to book sessions at our Williamsburg studio or visit our online store.